Dear Michael,


Thanks for the emails. I’m afraid your first email caught me at a bad time as it’s the start of the semester here, so I’ve been trying to keep up with teaching responsibilities and I had to put your videos on the back burner for a few days.


Anyway, I checked them out, and I’m sure this is not the response you’re after but honestly I don’t really see an organized campaign here. If I’m understanding right, you think that these recordings are evidence of a campaign to harass you on the street and at home by saying certain repeated words/phrases while you’re in earshot (wanker, pervert, weirdo, etc.). Honestly I think that those words or phrases just occur naturally in conversations - I’ve lived in places full of drunk students shouting about wankers at all hours of the night and imagine it’s probably even worse in London. If you spend enough time on the lookout for things like that then you’ll see them everywhere (e.g., the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon). That would seem to explain most of the things in the video. There are some things in the descriptions that don’t match what I hear in the video – I couldn’t hear the lift robot voice saying anything about paedophiles for instance.


Again, like I said in the article, I don’t really see what would be gained from an organised campaign like the one you’re proposing. Hiring people to hang out on street corners in case you walk by so they can mutter something about weirdos that you might not even hear would be tremendously expensive to keep up for any length of time. It seems very unlikely that anyone would bother unless you’re a spy or top government official or something.