If you are unfamiliar with the word 'kafkaesque' do a look up on any search engine. It fairly accurately describes the situation those of us that are living the nightmare that is Organised Stalking but also the helplessness trying to get anyone (reputable Organisations) to listen or do anything about it ..... even with some fairly good evidence!!

a shortened version (honest) March 5th 2016

To those that may be a little naive about what governments around the world have done in the past to enable certain agendas (they're looking at the bigger picture:) please check out:

Also with regards to human experimentation (that we do know about) down the years particularly in the United States on people not informed in advance or not given the full facts look at these links:



About me: flawed and failed human being; primary (not very good) carer for my brother who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia many years ago.  Non demonstrative and quite a nervous character which may or may not be obvious from my outward appearance. Find it difficult to converse naturally but write/type ok as I have the luxury of time and editing. Live as a joint tenant with my brother. In our previous one bed London council flat within a block of six one bed flats lived for over twenty years without any significant problem with any neighbours. This changed in 2009. I am not a conspiracy theorist but neither am I the unquestioning - accept at face value - naive person I sometimes was. I have no criminal record.

1st April 2009. Attended the London G20 (anti-capitalism) demonstration purely to get some photos to upload to my London themed photographic web. Believe there were two protests taking place. I was at the Square Mile demo. Arrived in the afternoon on a sunny day and left the area late into the evening though I would have left earlier but had no say in the matter. The reason for this was the police tactic of Kettling where a portion of those attending were herded into a defined area (the Bank) and kept there for a number of hours. No apology or reason was given. When we were finally released from our outdoor incarceration it was single file through a narrow passage of two lines of Police. While passing through I was told to remove my (woolly) hat. I suspect that all of those kettled as well as nearly all attendees were photographed and/or filmed and our mugshots likely placed on a database(s) (See The photos from the day I uploaded to their own page with links on the home page and throughout the site to that page. Some images were also added to the general 'people' category pages. I have since changed the look of the site and there are far fewer images from the G20 protest.

It is a fact some protestors over the years have come under extra scrutiny in their public and private life by the police who sometimes use undercover officers. I have attended a few protests in London with the intention of adding photos to my site and documenting the day and have noted some officers have camcorders and record people at the protest.  Is it beyond the bounds of reason to assume I could have warranted some extra attention by dint of my attendance and photographing both the protestors and police? Was my attendance at the G20 protest and published photos online the catalyst for what was to come?

Month unknown 2009. A group of guys moved into the flat below us. Even though it is a one bedroom flat upwards of six or more guys would stay there. Below them on the ground floor lived an old guy who'd lived in his flat almost as long as we had ours.  We learnt first hand the true meaning of a neighbour from hell though over a few years I learned there was more to it than that. From the off sequential hard door slams, banging on walls and ceilings and sundry other noises interfered with our lives and it wasn't confined to daytime. My brother's night-time medication fortunately act as sleeping tablets so the nightly fun from below didn't appear to disrupt his sleep too much. Cannot recall when I realised the noise harassment and sleep deprivation was specifically targeted at me but my brothers close proximity meant he was collateral. I was gradually being worn down by the continual targeting with noise and deliberate sleep interruptions. In the early days I had asked the tenant  - I'll call him Daniel - politely to please stop slamming doors and banging things and whatever else was used to make noise and also to stop the nightly goings on. He would comply with my request for half a day then BANG! Back to the usual routine. The council were next to useless and when I asked for loan of any recording equipment they replied they did not have any to loan to tenants. My nerves were frazzled by this time and I had become sensitised to any sudden noise. My heart would frequently up its rate and I'd wake to its rapid thumping and the tapping or bangs that would wake me would quickly diminish only to resume later into my sleep. I mentioned earlier how at some point I knew the targeting was aimed my way rather than being a general noise harassment for both of us. I attempted to improve my sleep situation by bedding down in other areas of the flat but he/they had an uncanny knack of knowing exactly where I was and though I stayed as motionless and quiet as I could be (the tv or radio would have been on quietly in the background) there would be tapping or hitting sounds directly under my place of sleep. It was apparent the guys wanted me to know they knew my whereabouts in the flat by hitting or tapping the ceiling under me when I was in the bathroom, the kitchen, living room and passage. To further add to this paranoia it was brought to my attention my tv viewing was not solely watched by me. I won't give examples but it seemed patently obvious however implausible this WAS the case. I did ring a TV repair shop to ask whether someone could be watching elsewhere what I was watching on tv and the guy said no which wasn't the answer I wanted. Am I losing you here as things get more implausible sounding?

July or August 2012: I could find the exact date but it's not necessary. After the umpteenth wake up call courtesy of my delightful neighbours in the flat below I decided to send an email to the Director of Housing typed in the early hours. With the benefit of hindsight (I could say this about so much of my life) the emails contents should have remained thoughts in my head rather than one of many aspects of my life which will be forever in the public realm. On the strength of that email received a visit in the morning a few days later from two cops who very kindly escorted me to Maudsley Hospital for a Psychiatric assessment with a view to a temporary stay within the secure parts of this famous mental asylum. Blood was taken (I don't take drugs but would drink more red wine if I could afford it:) and I stayed in a room whiling the hours away watching the staff behind the transparent screen and could hear some of their conversation though it would have been nice if they'd provided me with a tv or radio to listen to LBC of course. Food which I should have been grateful for was terrible. After a few question and answer sessions with various shrink types and others I was eventually declared relatively sane and was driven back home late in the evening in a cop van and those within it were very courteous and decent. The cops came into the flat to retrieve a newly purchased axe I'd mentioned in that notorious email!!! Have to say the Maudsley staff were very good to me as were the cops that arrived later that evening who spoke with the staff, poring over a computer monitor - no doubt reading that email - and deciding whether to arrest me and who later drove me home. Could hear the Maudsley staff fighting my corner and the cops duly listened and heeded their advice. At the news I would be free to go back home I blubbed like a big baby. Not wanting to get banged up in a mental Hospital - though it may have helped me personally from the point of view of getting some much needed restorative sleep - I was the main carer for my brother, albeit not a particularly helpful one - I took to sleeping rough and then going back to the flat after my outdoor sleepovers. I cannot remember whether my decision to sleep outdoors was solely based on not wanting to do something monumentally stupid (sadly it's way too late in the day to undo many things that fit that bill and worse) or whether my decision was based on a distinctly odd and weirder element greeting me during the night though never when I first go to sleep. By the way I never had much of a problem getting to sleep. The problem was staying asleep for more than an hour or two. The weirdness alluded to was a quiet pulsing sound I heard when my head was on the pillow. It rarely let up once I became aware of it and though not a continually even pulsing there might have been a pattern to it. Should state I have never suffered with Tinnitus. I have had ear ache though fortunately this is a rare occurence and I do get a linear pitched sound in one ear on also rarish occasions but it lasts seconds not hours as this pulsing did. This night intruder also left a vibration on my body which was unsettling and greeted me every night.

Noam Chomsky quote on government's prime enemy being its own population A.D.Ross quote about democracy and society he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone

Early 2013: I'm a fairly fit person. I ride a cycle whenever I go out and don't over indulge eating the wrong foods so was frustrated to see my health decline from around February 2013. The first condition to affect me was Osteoarthritis like symptoms.  My hips, feet, right knee, hands all began to ache which took away the pleasure I get from cycling. Walking, bending down etc also will hurt to varying degrees but not to any point where it prevents me from doing things. The next condition to affect me was and is burning sensations and hotspots on the side I sleep. I breathe better when on my right side and areas along this side including my feet will display both burning sensations and aches. However should I turn to sleep on my front or left side I will experience the same there so wanting to avoid all parts of my body exhibiting these odd and additional sleep interrupters I only sleep on my right side. It is not however confined to my sleep. Sitting or laying down on the sofa or anything else will cause the sunburn effect and also deep aching hotspots. The onset isn't immediate but is present every day and night when laying down. If I sit my feet and bum will emit signs all is not well. The third visible condition to affect me is the appearance of veins. My feet, lower legs and sides of my head now display veins when I've never had them before. Admittedly their appearance at their worst is when it's warm. I don't have Osteoarthritis because blood tests and scans/x-rays at King's College Hospital's Rheumatology department have confirmed this. I know one shouldn't self diagnose but I have searched the Net regarding my nightly burning and there is a condition which I believe could be what I have and it is called Static Mechanical Allodynia or S.M.A. There's little to help this condition other than Amitryptiline tablets prescribed by a Doctor to help sleep longer and I was prescribed some. I could connect the onset of these conditions with that weird pulsing. One of the Doctor's seen at my usual Practice (I didn't mention any pulsing sounds :) believes any or all of my conditions could be age related. I'm open minded.

2014: I had taken to sleeping outdoors and later purchased a tent and used it in a park. Guys pitched tents around a lake all night as they fished and slept so I blended in well though was only there to sleep. I also pitched at other less visible parts of the park. All went well until a few incidents put an end to sleeping in the park. One involved a tennis ball being thrown at my tent around 5.30am and an Alastion dog running to retrieve the ball for its owner standing 20 or so metres away. With each throw at the tent the dog would do its duty and retrieve the ball. When I peered out I saw the dogs owner and about six guys. The ball thrower was the biggest and tallest guy in the group who all stayed put. He contined to throw the ball at my tent. It was raining. I packed the tent up and unlocked my bike. I also grabbed the tennis ball before the dog got it. I then walked towards the group said 'morning' and handed the ball back as I passed them. The ball was thrown at me and may have hit me or the bike. I said nothing and they didn't either. I threw the ball back hard then continued on my way back home. The ball came my way again. I threw it back hard as I could but my right arm ain't what it used to be as I'd have loved the ball to hit the guy squarely in his face. The other incident also involved a small group of guys but happened in the dark. Instead of a dog or ball bumping into my tent a guy was pushed or deliberately pushed into it. When I emerged the group was standing about 40-50 metres away. One had a bike. A few choice were shouted my way (one rhymes with anchor) and then the group walked away.

I have very occasionally slept one night in a cheaper B&B or hotel and also once at one of the Premier Inn's near Manchester airport when we visited our brother-in-law at a specialist unit at a Hospital. The Premier Inn stay was upmarket for us (paid for by our sister) and should have provided me with at least one night of improved sleep. What each of these stays had in common was that they were booked in advance online. On each occasion there was banging in the room next door or above me and other noises during the early hours but the Premier Inn night was the worst with episodes through the night of frequent hitting above me that ensured I would not get the sleep hoped. There was absolutely no doubt this was deliberate and targeted at me which proved this really does follow you wherever you go. I should have contacted reception and also asked for reimbursement for my sister as a restful night it wasn't and their (Premier Inn) 'good night guarantee' offers a refund but alas I didn't. The above examples amply demonstrated to me that should my name appear on the Internet (my laptop could also be hacked) whatever I do online is noted by someone working for this harassment programme. If I were to book another room the wheels will be set in motion to book a room next to me. If it is already booked I presume those involved have the power to persuade (extra cash perhaps for the inconvenience) those in the room to vacate and move to another room. It's quite possible they won't always get their way but I don't have money to waste on the off-chance of that happening. Still reading this?

For some inexplicable reason (oh yes I was being fucked over in a number of ways) I and my brother unsurprisingly had been looking to move out. We signed up with Homesearch, an online service run by the council for tenants hoping to move to a different home. Every Wednesday night we'd wait until just after midnight which was when the Homesearch web became operable and a free for all as the search and placing a bid interest for a suitable property began. We were often at the number one spot for any bidded on flat but watched as our number one status slipped down as those with higher priority leapt above. This continued for about a year when surreally instead of dropping out into the hundreds our bid stayed at the top spot. It made no sense because the two bedroom flat we'd bid on was highly desirable. Upshot was we remained No1 and was offered an appointment to view it. Not a chance of missing this appointment though we were not the only ones to be shown around this huge upgrade to our flat. Those who were 2nd, 3rd and 4th and possibly 5th in line also viewed at the same time. The flat was lovely. There was a decision to be made though. Should we take up the offer of moving into a 2005 built designer looking flat with laminated floorboards throughout, a great almost countrified view from the living room and balcony or stay at the old flat? It was a toughie but........


July/August 2014: We moved in and couldn't believe our good fortune. Obviously some behind-the-scenes goings on between the council, my brother's C.P.N. and his Mental Health team and possibly others pulled some strings for this to happen. At last a new chapter in my and my brother's life and maybe some longer sleeps. Our flat was one of the top (3rd floor) ones of this corner block of thirteen flats.... but.....

.... from around Day one a noise campaign began and the culprits? Those living in the flat below.  What may surprise you is unlike in the old flat where a group of guys in their twenties and thirties set about with the deliberate targeted harassment and noise campaign there's a family living in the flat below. After four plus years enduring noise and general weirdness I can differentiate between noisy neighbours, neighbours from hell and those that are taking things to a different level, one that is part of a strategy and is organised from higher up with members of the community helping out though what reward they get for taking part I and nor does anyone else being targeted in a similar fashion know for there are others. The few times I confronted Daniel at the old flat later in the campaign about his campaign of noise and sleep deprivation he would flat out deny he or his cohorts were responsible even though he admitted to it in the early days. Believe this could be called gaslighting but as he'd admitted to the noise in the early days gaslighting or flat out denials were not going to wash with me. I actually caught Daniel and a group of guys in the hallway of their flat one night when I was sleeping also in the hall above them. Quiet and quickly after hearing the usual tapping and banging under where I tried to sleep I tip-toed and peered through their letter box and saw them standing there sniggering, the sniggers soon stopped once they clocked me. Daniel opened the door and said he was going to "fuck me over". That phrase was used a few more times when I did meet him a few other times on the stairs but that was the extent of his threats.

When I have knocked on the door of those living below us in our new flat the door is never opened. I hear swear words spoken and aimed at me. The family consists of the mum and dad, two school age kids in their teens and their younger sister.


 2015: I became horrifically aware of a stigmatisation campaign and the two boys were the first to draw my attention to it. Along with the feral banging that went on daily the words 'wanker' 'weirdo' 'pervert' and 'paedophile' were shouted up from inside their flat and also the public lift. Inside the flat I was still being woken and moving to different areas of the flat my location as before was known. My tv viewing also was known and I really do realise how paranoid or crazy this sounds. Please understand I'm not a religious person, don't believe in ghosts or the hereafter and like to have science used to prove things though there's very little I can personally prove other than noise.  I do know there is hardware available to detect a person in another room (cops in America are already using such intrusive tech ( and these are typically radar based but they are only available to the Police, Security, Military and those rescuing people after mine collapses, earthquakes etc. The ordinary person would not ordinarily be able to get his or her hands on such hardware. Hidden surveillance and audio bugs can explain how my wherabouts is known but if there is such equipment in the flat I'm f****d if I know where it is but I guess that's the point ;) After the blood draining incident of hearing the boys shout the offending words - something they and the parents do every day - passers by on the road below were also shouting up the same words. I sleep on the balcony now but this does not prevent the family (including and mainly the two boys) below harassing me every morning before the kids go to school. All the family join in and there's a mix of banging (feral again sometimes) and swearing. There's *one more thing I must say regarding this families knowledge of my whereabouts in the flat and before I get to it may I say what fine parents these are.


    What lends my story considerable credibility compared to others residing here in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe claiming they are being targeted with similar harassments - and I don't doubt there are others suffering similar mainly psychological based tortures - is the fact of my stigmatisation and it is a fact.  How was my stigmatisation accomplished? What was used and by whom in order to get local residents and those living beyond the locality to shout up obscenities and take part in my monitoring? Which organisations know about this and which are orchestrating things? I stated in the first paragraph I have no criminal record. I will also state under oath or via a lie detector test I have never searched or looked at child porn. I have never visited a teen or pre teen forum nor groomed anyone - man, woman, child or beast though I do have a fondness for sheep. That's a joke. Ho ho? I abhor violence and bullying so would never go out of my way to watch porn that hurts people or the any of the sick ISIS videos. Should it be necessary to cite my sexual peccadiloes and past sins then I am willing to do this if it leads to some evidence this extra corrupt programme exists.

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    The obvious question and one that has been asked online possibly by genuine interested parties as well as disinformation personnel  (Read TheIntercept's page on Disinformation used online) and even my sister and late brother-in-law a few years back is 'what makes you so special or marks you out to warrant all this attention and the organisation and logistics involved?" OK, they didn't quite phrase it that way but you get the point. For those people that aren't Whistleblowers, suspected and potential terrorists, just ordinary people trying to lead a normal life as many claim to be my answer is precisely because they are ordinary people. No-one would believe you and that is why they get away with this sinister under-the-radar programme. If that's the case then the next obvious question is why is it being done? That I cannot answer but there are theories which remain just that.

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I know lie detectors are not or cannot be used in a court of law. The reasoning behind this may be because Polygraphs can be fooled. This would not be the case to my mind if the all family in the flat below undertook a test. Each separately questioned and I would provide some of those questions. If they have nothing to hide then they would have no problem taking a test.

Before the move to the new flat and possibly many months before, I had searched Google because of one or two aspects pertaining to the goings on in the previous flat with the daily psychological based harassments... or tortures.  The search(es) were enlightening and although it led me to learning such harassments are known about and the same illegal modus operandi  (noise, sleep deprivation, stigmatisation, surveillance, hacking, blacklisting, following or stalking, community based harassment...) used on ordinary people and more obvious targets there is much disinformation among those webs and videos on this subject which is commonly known as Organised Stalking or the less correct term but very commonly used term Gang Stalking. Disinformation is an important tool to prevent the reality of what is going on from becoming public knowledge. Forms of disinformation used include associating this programme and its methods with talk of alien abductions, the Illuminati, Morgellons, RFID chips, Devil Worship and Masons. I don't doubt technology plays an important part from the humble mobile phone to surveillance technologies. Nano technology may play a part as may so-called Smart Dust but it's all conjecture and nothing provable from those actually being targeted which may explain why we're ignored and this never ending ordeal continues until something gives! I believe that something is ALWAYS the target.  Tracking hardware which would enable those paid sadists (evil neighbours like mine) to locate someone within their home and allow targeted or honed harassment include Radar based equipment or non-radar based equipment such as TRXsystems Neon personnel or personal tracker with patented software. It will give a 3-D picture of the targets location  and of the target and can be purchased for the not overly expensive (way out of my capability though) $3.499.00

It is generally understood the Police do know about Organised Stalking. Whether they contribute to the daily ordeal is as ever a maybe, maybe not. Other influential organisations are under suspicion as contributors/orchestrators. Given the above it's no surprise those of us secretly singled out for the slow destruction don't see where we can go for help. It really is a catch 22 situation inasmuch the trying to prove the more intrusive aspects of it. How does one prove what is going on is a coordinated illegally run programme with a hierarchical structure involving members of the community at the bottom (though they can do most of the work) - some of which will be paid in kind to those further up the chain none of which bear qualities of humanity but do exhibit psychopathic and sadistic traits? I experience noise and sleep deprivation daily. I'm sworn at daily. I'm monitored inside the flat and followed/monitored outside too but to what extent outside? I believe my online movements are under scrutiny and my laptop is very possibly hacked but I cannot prove the majority of this stuff and will I know sound like I've got an overactive imagination at best. If you've read this in its entirety I would hope I come across as an otherwise normal person (if that's possible given what I'm trying to get across to you) caught up in a bizarrely abnormal situation, one aspect of it - the stigmatisation may ironically be the one error those giving the orders have made


Recommended reading and/or watching: I would tacitly recommend the following to learn more. The Youtube videos pose more of a problem as you will see much that is supposedly from people purporting to be victims of Organised Stalking but is very likely disinformation. So for reading material go to and Additionally there's an exchange of views on a forum - apologies but it's the David Icke forum so please do not lump me in with those who hold views about reptilian elite ruling the earth - unless it's about Rupert Murdoch ;) but the exchange of views is worth reading about. Obviously I side with TerrySmith123. Not sure whether you can find the thread but if you type 'Thomas Baker targeted Individual UK' into Google the relevant thread should appear on the first page of Google results. No biggie if you can't find it. Some of my video recommendations use God, Jesus Christ and scripture and as an atheist this needles me a little but that doesn't take away from the rest of the video and I understand peoples need to believe in a life after this. Videos to possibly watch: 

ex NSA (the United States National security Agency) Whistleblower KAREN STEWART interview for the Washingtonpost blog here  


  The title of the first video which is 1 hour 13 mins 18 secs in length is 'Gangstalking ~ what every TI should listen to' and it's a podcast by Renata Murray. Almost a film in length but ten to fifteen minutes should be sufficient listening to understand the same methods of harassment and non-touch torture are being used on ordinary people in all great democracies around the world such as the UK, USA and Canada.  The videos from 'Janine chosen individual' (sounds very self important but Janine does explain why she uses the word 'chosen' and it's not for any self aggrandisement) are definitely worth a look.  I've watched or at least listened to many (not all) of her Youtube channel videos and they articulate very well this corrupt State sponsored(?) programme and echo the experiences common to all genuine targets profiled, hunted and harassed daily. Janine also has a very soothing and listeneable voice. She is also smart and articulate and I am certainly not articulate, have a monotone voice (one reason why it isn't heard in my videos) and will let others decide whether I am smart or not. I've certainly been very stupid and cowardly in my lifetime. There are three videos by Myron May ( If he's genuine then there's no explanation for his solution if those affected by his direct actions were not taking part in  his stalking. The goal of his actions was to get Organised Stalking or gangstalking into the public domain. It did but not the way he intended. He is a very articulate, smart and likeable man so I'm puzzled as to why he saw fit to publicise the programme that is organised Stalking in the tragic way he odes. As I say, what is authentic and what isn't about this story is difficult to know. Giving you the link may confuse things particularly when I give you another link relating to the reporting of his case in the media but here goes anyway (

UPDATE May 2016. Have watched some Youtube videos from an Andy Bee (real name Andre apparently). He seems as genuine as anyone else I've recommended. Brutally honest, Andre's an Aussie and watching his videos he veers from guru to man about to explode though for anyone enduring the fun and games that is Organised Stalking this is very understandable. If this link doesn't work type Andy Bee into Youtube. Unfortunately Andy/Andre's latest videos have made me revise my recommendation. Freemasons get mentioned as does seeing the light of Christ. He really does seem genuine but I'm less eager to get you to watch his Youtube channel now he's veering into less surefooted territory.  'Luminous Kaye's video I did like. Part 1 is informative and I recommend it as worth a watch even at 49 minutes long. Youtuber Gotham Nation is a recent Youtube find and this video is good relating why people might take part as they most definitley aren't aware of the bigger picture.

UPDATE November 2016.  I have uploaded a video to youtube organised stalking London video linkshowing a tiny example of the stigmatising and stalking elements i get daily. Parts of it should prove this is an organised and systematic campaign but it is only part of a programme which involve other mostly psychological based methods to slowly destroy a person

I have added a hastily cobbled together video (January 2016) to Youtube covering much the same ground as here but with some of my photos thrown in and on seeing them you may understand why I could have been flagged for closer scrutiny by the Police or other organisations. I hope it offers a little more than watching paint dry. There is no accompanying music but I might add something to it in the near future. My Youtube video can be seen here

my organised stalking updates here - my health downturn page here - police whistleblowing page here - mi5 whistleblowing page here & here :)



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