Targeted individual from London, England

Hello dear viewer. This, my photos web, is in the very slow process of being updated. There are some folders within the 'portfolio' tab above which contain some of my images from London with the years those photos were taken clearly stated on each folder. The targeting alluded to in the title has been ongoing since at least 2009. This targeting is commonly called Gangstalking. At the time of typing, gangstalking remains a conspiracy theory. I'd liken this slandering to those people who questioned both the need and the safety of Covid 19 vaccines for all; mandating mask wearing and other associated 'control' measures. Those people were labelled as conspiracy theorists or practitioners of misinformation and disinformation. Time and data has proven those 'conspiracy theorists' were correct to question everything surrounding Covid 19. For more Gangstalking related info please visit my ABOUT page