Although I have attended a small number of protests in London since 2007 purely to obtain photos to add to this, my personal photos based web, I am assuming it was my attendance at the G20 anti-capitalist protest in the city of London's 'Square Mile' area in 2009 that was the catalyst that led to my being secretly selected as fodder for the as yet unknown programme of Organised stalking and harassment or gangstalking as it is commonly called. I may be wrong in this assumption but all the sinister weirdness with noise, targeted sleep interference, smear campaigns, stalking, illegal surveillance and other harassments began from 2009 and I assume will continue ad infinitum (it's 2018 as I type).


  1. I attend the G20 anti-capitalist protest on April 1st 2009 in London. There are two protests with the same anti-capitalism flavour that day but the one I attend is in the financial heart of London known as the square mile. I was not there in any capacity other than to take photos for my personal web photoslondon.com. I have not been a protestor or activist in the past. This was the first and only protest I've attended where I was subjected to the Police's kettling tactics. I continued taking photos from within the confines of the temporary outdoor prison within the Bank area of London's Square Mile. Those of us kettled were finally allowed to leave the area via a corridor of two lines of police. This area would have a high number of overt and possibly hidden surveillance cameras in use. I go home, edit my photos and upload a selection of the better or more interesting ones. My old web - still photoslondon.com but I've changed hosts this year (2018) - where these were uploaded had a dedicated page for those specific images. Similarly I had dedicated pages to photos I took of the London Marathon, elephant parade in central London (and the Olympic park in Stratford) and also a London Taxi protest which took place again in central London. Thought nothing of my attendance at that G20 protest and why would I? I knew nothing of Britain's hidden deeper State and remained in ignorance for a good few years.

  2. I shared the flat at our previous address (58 Bath Close, Brimmington Estate, Asylum Road, London SE15 2JP) with my brother as I do the current one. He is a joint tenant and I his primary carer. We'd lived there for over twenty years without any incident with neighbours. There are six one bed flats in that block. We lived on the top floor. A new neighbour moved in during 2009 to the flat directly below (No54). Prior to his moving in was told and surprised to be told a cop had lived temporarily in this flat though I can't confirm the validity of this. The new tenant's name is Daniel Mesfin. He would often have upwards of six people stay at the flat as we'd see them when leaving the flat or arriving. I'd estimate Daniel's age to be early to mid twenties in 2009. I was told by the neighbour that lived opposite our flat and who I was on good speaking terms with that Daniel hails originally from Eritrea. From day one of Daniel's tenancy there was a daily and nightly ritual of deliberate noise harassment consisting of banging on the walls and ceiling and sequential slamming of doors (5,6,7 hard slams of the door in the space of a few seconds) multiple times throughout the day and every day. Who slams doors in such a way if it's NOT a deliberate act of harassment? In the early stages I did ask Daniel politely not to make so much noise and not slam doors and he agreed to this but within hours it was is if that conversation and agreement had never taken place. I was also being woken throughout the night and every night. I gave up knocking on his door because it was pointless. The council were next to useless when I complained that Daniel was a constant nuisance and I was being purposely sleep deprived and that the daily deliberate noise harassment was causing distress to my brother as well. At some point I realised the targeting was specific to me rather than both myself and my brother. I couldn't understand how my location within the flat was always known which I found very strange and worrying. I never wore shoes in the flat so walked around in my socks daily but whether in the living room which doubled as my sleeping space, the kitchen or bathroom there'd be 'hits' to the ceiling under me. When I tried in vain to get better sleep by sleeping on the floor in various areas around the flat my position was known and there'd be thumps, taps or noise under where I lay. I began sleeping on the balcony which might have seen a slight improvement. In August 2012 and after over three years of becoming sensitised to slams, hits, thumps and other noise from the f***ers below and the local council impotent in giving any help I sent an email to the Director of Southwark Housing in the early hours after another poor sleep which was deliberately interfered with by Daniel and Co. The email was I suppose a plea for help but within it I'd made permanent and public a scenario of my getting some form of redress...... violently against my neighbour and his accomplices from hell who inexplicably were able to target me wherever I was in the flat. That email brought two policemen to the flat some days later and I was escorted by them via a drive to Maudsley Hospital a few miles away. Maudsley deals with mental health. From the morning to late into the evening I whiled away the hours doing nothing in a room shared though partially closed off with some of the staff on duty behind their partition. My blood was taken and tested and I could see the staff studying what I presume was my email on a monitor. I also was interviewed a few times by a psychiatrist or two and others. The Police also arrived later and when a decision was made I was safe and sane enough to be released back for some more torture it was the police that drove me home. They were friendly and courteous. Not wanting to be sectioned I began sleeping away from the flat, mostly in parks or areas away from noise and traffic. Never understood why homeless people sleep on pavements on a busy road. Can't recall whether a weirder element that only took place when I was sleeping or trying to sleep in the flat began before the close call with Mental health or after but it was because of this I stumbled on the phrase targeted individuals, organised stalking and harassment and gangstalking. Elements of what I read on blogs and via Youtube videos were similar to mine: sleep deprivation, noise campaigns, stalking tactics but there were other elements I didn't get such as voice to skull (V2K) which is one of the provable technologies unlike other perturbing tech such as weaponised microwaves or electromagnetic weapons which sounded sci-fi but I believe are used on some people and indeed might explain the onset of conditions I still have today some 5 years on from the night intruder (began in 2012) which freaked me out and would wake me with a vibration effect felt on my body and also burning to parts of my body in contact with the floor. Those conditions include osteoarthritis like symptoms but tests have ruled out this condition. The burning and gnawing aches I'd get to those parts of the body facing south or put it more damningly facing the flat below might be static mechanical allodynia. Veins also began making themselves visible on my feet, legs and side of my head. I've never had them before so not only was my body falling apart inside I was becoming visibly uglier as well on the outside. I learnt online that radar equipment could explain how I was located within the flat and if such hardware was trained on me daily and nightly this could explain the damage being done to my body. But I won't rule out the use of any of these sinister weapons and certainly that if available the sadistic and mercenary neighbours would have no qualms using them.

  3. The MIRACLE. Long story short I and my brother had a chance at a new life when we won one of the weekly bids we'd been doing via the Southwark Homesearch website for about a year. We moved into a new two bedroom flat on the 3rd (top) floor still in Peckham but away from the demons at 54 Bath Close. The flat was and is a very attractive flat and relatively new as it was built in 2005. The new life wasn't to be. What I'll say next will help explain why anyone other than those others claiming to be targeted via these various harassments, stalking and surveillance will find it almost impossible to believe what is really going on. It was as if the baton of harassment had changed hands from those at the old address to those at the new. Much the same M.O. Banging and noise, an uncanny knack of knowing where I was in the flat and being woken rather than be left to have a natural uninterrupted full sleep. The even harder to stomach part was that those doing the harassing were a family and the male head of the household is named Negash Teshome. I know the above sounds far fetched but after four years of the deliberate daily toll I endured before the move I was only too aware to know it was more of the same but how could this be? Why would parents agree to this, take part in a harassment campaign when they have children – three of them – to look after. I decided money or some financial gain must be the reason they were turned and agreed to take an active role in fucking with my life. In 2015 it became horrifically apparent a character assassination (smear campaign) was in full force and I was hearing the words weirdo, wanker, loser, pervert and even paedophile on a daily basis. I purchased an action camera and used this both on my bike and also on the balcony. Using an external speaker attached to my laptop and playing back the recordings made I definitely heard the insults in the various accents from strangers outside. It is a fact that many if not all targets of gangstalking say a smear or slander campaign is one of the elements used as part of the ongoing destruction to your life and those others targeted state the smear and character assassinations have no substance. Can't help feel in my case something has been seen but what and how? Me wanking inside the flat(s)? Last year I visited my local police station in Peckham to ask the police to investigate what had caused the obvious smear campaign. Unless I could prove a particular person was saying or shouting an insult they would not be able to help. Not the answer I expected and a week or so later I receive a letter from mental health services with a date for a mental health assessment! What!! I ring the phone number on the letter and ask why I was being asked to have an assessment and was told the police had referred my name to them. So by asking the police to find out what is causing people to insult me as I'm out and about gets me a mental health referral. This is quite sinister. 2017 proved to be the stand out year for cops visiting for no apparent reason and also referring me behind my back a few more times to mental health for a few more assessments, the final one with a psychiatrist (copy of the letter from the psychiatrist enclosed). So I know the cops are covering something up and also that they are not going to help me with creepy sadistic neighbours carrying out a deliberate noise and swearing campaign, depriving me of a full restorative sleep and anything else they get up to and they are an active and important part in the gangstalking programme but how do they get turned to the dark side? Are they so morally bankrupt – even more than me - that they're happy to daily wage a harassment and noise campaign aided by special 'tools' to locate me and enlist or sanction their kids to get involved for financial gain or some reward! How fucked up is that?? Two cops did visit our flat last year and watched and listened to some of my video clips and confirmed they heard insults and one of them even asked whether I knew the people with their special greeting. However, back at the station something obviously changed and so those insults which they heard were now people going about their daily lives and the swearing was not aimed at me but I was being somewhat paranoid instead. This is absolute rot, they know it and I know it. The daily barbs are for me, some made by those that have been informed about me, know what I look like and so let rip while others will be from those people signed up to the gansgtalking programme. If you watch and listen to my smear campaign video it will become apparent in some clips that some people are in place waiting for me when I ride up to the central London for my shopping. That I can be some miles from the flat and get insults directed my way can only prove the stalking or tracking element and such people are involved in the stalking and harassment programme. Similarly with the loaned car I've been using since around March 2017 as my place of sleep. I park in different roads yet I'm found every time and hear and record those insults. The family taking part in the voyeuristic torture moved out last year and I'm certain they did very well out of me. I'd given the two cops that agreed they heard the insults a memory card which had a selection of video clips evidence and also some hissy audio recordings I made from inside the flat to try to obtain proof of the family in the flat below were targeting me with noise and insults. Soon after they move out. Coincidence?

  4. 2018 and I've had no referrals to mental health and no visits from the cops. The insults do continue and I do still sleep in the car. I have a new neighbour, one hand picked apparently by the previous Housing officer. Danny, that Housing Officer had helped with problems we'd had with rent and other housing related matters and I'd confided in him about what I knew to be going on with those previous neighbours and also showed him some of my evidence. So when he said he'd gone out of his way to get a neighbour he felt would be ideal (no neighbours would be the ideal solution;) I wanted to believe him. That's as much as I'm prepared to say. I know lie detector tests would prove all what I know to be true but suggestions of this type were always ignored. So where do I go? The cops are part of the problem. The media stay silent and people far better than myself are getting slowly and surely fucked over covertly via a Stasi model of psyops? This is democracy with the deeper State making its invisible hand known to some of us.




2009 was the year I can accurately point as the onset of my personally tailored programme from whoever is orchestrating things >>> Cops or 'special cops'?; Intelligence agencies?; Contractors working for the above? Last but not least those everyday people doing the donkey work and potentially putting themselves in danger of any target that might decide they've had enough. Myron May perhaps to give one example though I'm unsure whether he shot people he believed were taking part in the destruction of his life. Compartmentalisation and a hierarchy may help keep those involved in parts of the gangstalking programme from knowing the full picture. Whether my attendance at the g20 protest or another reason caused me to have people take a closer into my life and then give the green light for the illegal gangstalking programme doesn't ultimately matter. I am a target and the targeting continues


2013 We (I and my brother) move away from the four years of 'voyeuristic torture' (this phrase I've borrowed from Cassandra who has been interviewed by Ramola D on Youtube though I have concerns about her legitimacy re claims of being a target of gangstalking) at the old flat – 58 Bath Close, Brimmington Estate, Asylum Road, Peckham, London SE15 3RF. The harassment however continues unabated in the new. You are made aware you're being harassed and I believe this is a protocol. That a family is now taking part in this I find stomach churning but people will do almost anything for money or some financial gain.


2015 I become horrifyingly aware of a character assassination both locally and beyond my locale. Various insults heard but never directly to my face. I cycle everywhere from the moment I leave the block of flats I 'exist'. Begin recording via my budget action camera(s). Once home listen to and watch my recordings which get edited to the bare essentials i.e. the insults and anything else. My recordings are played back via an external speaker plugged into my laptop. I wouldn't hear them otherwise.


2016/17 Visit my Police station in Peckham, south east London to ask the Police to investigate what has been used to stigmatise me, the stigmatisation seeming to grow exponentially. They say they can't help unless I can name or point out one of those people saying, muttering or shouting an insult. Somewhat shell-shocked at this bombshell I stumble out of the cop shop wondering what to do next other than keep recording things. Approximate a week later I receive a letter from mental health with an appointment for an assessment. On ringing the number on the letter I'm told the Police referred my name to them.

I receive a number of visits from the Police in 2017 with bogus claims made by the family in the flat below. One cop who was not present because of my gangstalking neighbours said he was here to try to ascertain what was causing the alleged smear campaign. Never heard from him again. One memorable visit saw four cops and a mental health worker arrive and they could not give a sound reason why there were here other than being concerned for my mental health but I'd done nothing to raise any concern so a) that's quite sinister but five people turning up is worrying and made no sense whatsoever. They couldn't answer me when I questioned the reason for their presence and eventually they all left together.

From March 2017 I get use of a loaned car solely to sleep in. I still use it today. I am still found and record insults and other occurrences which I believe are part of the gangstalking protocol. The gangstalking neighbours that lived in the flat below (7 Dayak court, 37 Brayards Road, London SE15 3RF) move out. I'm highly suspicious of the hand-picked new neighbour my ex Housing Officer went out of his way to allay any worries or fears I may have had about any new neighbour given the track record of the mercenary heartless fuckers I've had to date. And I have a right to be justifiably disturbed by them.


2018 No police visits nor referrals to mental health. I'm currently in the process of applying to the Freedom of Information access office to ascertain the contents of a Merlin Report. The Merlin Report is the excuse used by the Police to refer me to mental health and this I learned in January 2018 but stupidly it's taken me almost eight months do find out what this Merlin Report is about. UPDATE: the Merlin report is a whitewash and would be risible if this wasn't deadly serious. The cops are gaslighting and skewing my evidence and also making assertions about my mental health which technically they're not supposed to make.