The police deny anything has been deliberately placed into the public domain to DEMONIZE me as one part used in the covert spying, stalking and harassment programme and Peckham's population are unwittingly helping the police by remaining silent about this revenge porn by the state helping make me the obvious pariah I am. I made a web page specifically for the residents of Peckham which is (I removed the website after approximately 3 months). I have a Youtube channel (condemned) and one on Bitchute (targetedinLondon)

  The black and mixed race residents have a RARE CHANCE OF PROVING ENDEMIC CORRUPTION  within the British police though our 'system' of governance, mainstream media and even mental health appear to be complicit in hiding the truth of this secret targeting programme but will they respond as they ought to? 

 One of my evidence based videos is on my Youtube channel (condemned) and the link to it here:
Contact me: Michael 0203 489 2633, [email protected] (11 Dayak ct, Brayards road, SE15 3RF)